Is working Virtual the new Accounting Industry Norm

Commuting near and far to an office space has always been the norm for 9-5 workers. But the recent unforeseen deadly Coronavirus has forced us to adopt to new rules. Most accounting work requires physical and personal interaction with one another. With social distancing rules still in effect, will the new way we conduct business going forward be telecommunication and artificial intelligence??!!

The irony of the year 2020 “aka 20/20 vision year” has forced us to see and reevaluate every aspect of our lives. Being healthy and close to family is a top priority. Another top priority is the ability to provide for your family financially. Working remotely aka Virtually is the perfect middle ground for employees and employers. Working remotely can alleviate employees time of commuting, save on transportation cost, and become longer productive workers. Employers can also save on cost related to office space, office supplies, and other overhead cost.

The biggest challenge a company can face developing a virtual firm is team building given everyone is in different locations. The answer to that is be creative have weekly or bi-weekly video meetings to let members know you want to provide a cohesive unit that addresses any concerns that are important to the company success.

Virtual firms tend to grow more radiantly as technology does, because the firm will be more reliant on tech advances rather how a regular brick and mortar operates.  From a client service standpoint working virtually can produce the same results just as if the accountant is in the office. Clients can still rely on receiving top quality service from accountants no matter where they are located.

It is uncertain how long quarantine and social distance practices will stay in effect. In order for Accounting firms to effectively adjust with the times remote work should turn the corner into a more permanent situation for countless firms.

Written By Dwayne Ailey

Dwayne Ailey