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Restaurants, Bars & Breweries

Smyle & Associates, LLC – Tax preparation and accounting services for restaurants, bars and breweries in New York City

Choosing the Right Accountant Can Make All the Difference for Your Restaurant, Bar and Brewery There are many complex accounting issues associated with restaurants, bars and micro-breweries, including proper tip reporting, employee versus independent contractor status issues, wage and hour analysis, sales tax audits, FICA tip credit claiming, charging proper use tax on comps, and… Read more »

Ecommerce & Retailers

Smyle & Associates, LLC – Tax preparation accounting services for retailers and e-commerce businesses in New York City

Know Your Retailer and Ecommerce Tax Obligations and How to Improve Income Through Effective Financial Planning If you’re managing an ecommerce startup or have already achieved success as a retailer, it’s critical that you have an accounting partner who can help you navigate complex tax and financial planning issues – especially if you have operations… Read more »

Creative Businesses

Smyle & Associates accountant tax prep for creative agencies in new york city

We Help Creative Businesses Plan Their Finances and Investments and Minimize Tax Exposure Our diverse professional experience has given Smyle & Associates, LLC a special appreciation for small businesses of all kinds. Another area we’ve come to specialize in is creative businesses, such as photographers, architects, advertising agencies, designers and others in the creative fields…. Read more »

Medical Offices & Law Firms

Smyle & Associates accountant for law firms in NYC

Is Your Medical or Legal Practice Planning Well for the Future? We can help. At Smyle & Associates, LLC, we understand the challenges faced by businesses such as medical practices and law firms. To grow and to succeed, every business manager needs access to accurate and timely financial accounting information. With our guidance you will… Read more »