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Aaron is featured as one of 50 leading Wall Street financiers and academic’s in Kim Ann Curtin’s recently published book, Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future.

Aaron is the Treasurer for Friends of Hyde Park, which is a non-profit that promotes community, awareness and development in Hyde Park, New York.


03/22/2021 – Convo By Design The Evolution of the Creative Hub

02/18/2021 – Designers Today Webinar Tax Situations for Designers

02/03/2021 – New York State Brewers Association How Small Breweries Can Budget For A Tumultuous 2021

12/10/2020 – Hudson Valley Magazine The Beck Is a Creative Hub in the Heart of Rhinebeck
10/01/2020 – Chronogram The Family Dynamic: A Riverside Mid-Century Modern in Hyde Park
09/28/2020 – Aspire Design and Home All Things Taxes And Loans Webinar Recap
09/24/2020 – Foyr Technology Take Fear Out of Taxes by Aaron Smyle
09/20/2020 – Forbes 10 Mistakes Even Smart Employees Make As First-Time Entrepreneurs
06/17/2020 – The Wingnut Social Podcast The Flexibility Act: Paycheck Protection Program Loan Updated [Aaron Smyle Explains]
04/03/2020 – The Wingnut Social Podcast How the CARES Act Could Help YOUR Small Business with Aaron Smyle
02/26/2020 – Evensi Important Accounting and Insurance Topics for Designers and Creative Business Owners

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